Spring 2019 CPL Game Week 3 Recap

FC Denver starting 11 vs Union Jerez

FC Denver starting 11 vs Union Jerez

Premier Division:

Premier vs Union Jerez
Won 2-0
Recap: Premier defeated their opponents in flying fashion. We held the ball very well, defended counters with calm nerves, and created the most chances on the night. The boys had a hard time finishing, not scoring any goals in the first half. During the second half, we kept creating opportunities. In the 63th minute, Lister made an innovative run down the right flank by combining 1 touch passes and flawless footwork. He fed the ball to Clopper 25 yards, who finessed the ball off the crossbar and in for our first. Easily a goal of the season contender. Ten minutes later, Salta was substituted in and took the ball on the left side of the 18 and hit a beautiful strike near post. A great attacking and defensive performance earned us a well deserved 3 points.
Scorers: Clopper, Salta
Man of the Match: Chris Clopper
Next Up: Saturday April 6th vs Southwest FC (UPSL) in El Paso, TX at 7:30pm MT in 2019 US Open Cup Qualifying Match. Look for more details in post tomorrow.

United vs El Azul
Won 3-1
Recap: United Started out the game strong and controlled the majority of the first, going 2-0 up before they got a goal back. We stayed organized throughout the majority of the second half and didn’t allow many chance. Got the insurance goal from a 100 yard run from McKeller and a great ball played by Everest. Easily Untied’s best performance yet.
Scorers: Carrick, Rivera, McKeller
Man of the Match: Rob Carrick
Next Up: Sunday, April 7th vs Boulder United at Broomfield Commons, 11 am.

Elite Division:

U19 vs Azteca 5280
Lost 2-3
Recap: The U19’s played another revamped, young side this weekend. Azteca has gone through a rebuild, possessing a team of young talent. The side ultimately outplayed us on the day. Two smart goals worked from Malek and Marco to provide Enock for a well deserved brace. We look forward to our next game against Lobos on Sunday. We currently sit 6th in the league.
Scorers: Kenge (2)
Futpost.com U19 Man of the Match: Enock Kenge
Next Up: Sunday, April 7th vs Lobos at Broomfield Commons, 11 am.

Masters vs Athletic Club Sloans Lake
Lost 2-3
Going into the game we knew that Sloans lake would be very organized. Playing in the UPSL last season, their IQ and tactics would be very hard to break down. Before the start of the second half, our opponents were up 2-0. Around the 70th minute we got one back to give us some forward momentum. Sloans Lake nicked another off of a corner minutes after. Fighting for two goals, we were able to get our second to boost our moral even further. Sloans Lake shut down our remaining two chances we could have done better to finish. We will take our lessons from the pitch and look forward to our match next weekend.
Noone, Brooks
Man of the Match:
Next Up: Sunday, April 7th vs Real Colorado at Dove Valley, 11am.

Over 30 Division:

Legends vs Rovers Over 30
Won 3-0
On a beautiful Colorado Sunday morning, Legends started quickly with a goal by DelPiccolo in and around the 15 min mark. With some back in forth the start the game, Carneiro controlled the ball at the top of the box, and dropped it off to DelPiccolo who finished from about 25 yards out and in the upper corner — great finish. The balance of the first half was a standard Legends vs Rovers game with hard tackles and balance play, with us going into halftime with a 1-0 lead. 
Rovers started off quickly in the second half, and won a penalty for a hand ball in the box. The Rovers striker stepped up and placed the ball just wide-right of the post...but GK Watkins had it covered had it been on goal. The game settled down after the penalty, with Legends embracing a counterattack game. In around the 60th minute, Garney sent a beautiful long diagonal ball to Carneiro, who in trying to flick the ball was fouled, but the referee played the advantage as Nucifora got in behind the last defender and finished calmly in the lower corner. Less than 10 minutes later, Garney sent another long diagonal to Carneiro, who had a slight touch to set Nucifora free to finish nicely past both the last defender and the keeper. The balance of the game was hard fought with our backline holding nicely and Watkins coming up with some big saves to complete an early-season victory over the defending champs. 
Scorers: Delpiccolo, Nucifora (2)
Man of the Match: David Nucifora
Next Up: Sunday, April 7th vs Union Jerez Over 30 at Dove Dolley, 11 am.

Womens Division:

Women vs Denver West FC
Tied 1-1
Recap: Another bought well played by the FCD Women’s Team against our sister team, Denver West FC. The first half was well controlled by our defense and midfield who dominated in the center. At minute 27th, Devitt took a shot on goal, but was blocked by FC Denver West’s keeper. Upon the rebound, Perez sprinted for the ball and tactfully put it behind the net giving FCD the lead to close out the half.
Throughout the second half, both teams took their opportunities to get ahead, but could not capitalize thanks to smart defending and outstanding goalkeeping from both sides. At minute 87, FC Denver West took a chance on goal and successfully put one past evening out the score. In the final minute, FC Denver West’s striker penetrated past our defense and found herself in a one-on-one attack against Crum. Without hesitation, our confident keeper came out and blocked her advancement, solidifying our 1-1 final result. 
Scorers: Perez
Woman of the Match: Crum for coming up BIG at the final minute to deny the potential strike which could have led to an upset. 
Next Up: Sunday, April 7th vs Chivas Women at Dove Valley, 11 am.


Evan Kiesow