In Westword 2019 Best of Denver’ print and digital editions out now!

In Westword 2019 Best of Denver’ print and digital editions out now!

Guess what??? Without our knowledge (no interview or otherwise), Denver’s venerable Westword Magazine named FC Denver as ‘Denver’s Best Amateur Soccer Team’ in their 2019 Best of Denver issue! This issue, which is their most important issue of the year, highlights the best establishments in and around Denver, and we are thrilled to be listed among all the great Denver institutions.. Being recognized with this kind of press in a major city publication is an important milestone for us.

Now, on it’s face, that statement of being Denver’s best Amateur Team seems fairly non-controversial. We are, if not the best, one of a couple of teams/clubs to be considered the best in Denver and Colorado. But being noticed for the work we’ve been doing to create a community club for and by the city, and then being mentioned in the Best of Denver issue to their wide-reaching city audience, is a BIG DEAL. And since previous years editions haven’t had this “Best Amateur Soccer Team” category listed, means that we have essentially made enough of an impact for the Westword team to take notice and create this category for us as an ‘Authentic’ Denver choice, as they worded it. And we couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishment!

The paragraph in full:
FC Denver

If Major League Soccer and the Rapids are a little too mainstream for your tastes — that is to say, if you're sick of the deafening 8,000-person crowds, exorbitant five-figure salaries and glamorous cable-access production values — Denver still has you covered. Founded in 2006, FC Denver is the giant of the amateur Colorado Premier League, with four men's teams, a U-19 squad and a new women's team set to begin play this year. The club's top men's team, FC Denver Premier, plays its home games at MSU Denver's Regency Athletic Complex, and tickets are $6 at the gate, with season tickets available for just $20. It's not the highest-quality soccer you can see in Denver on a given weekend, but it may be the most authentic.”

Read it online HERE or pickup a paper copy of Westword’s Best of Denver 2019 issue for all the print glory!

Join us for a Doubleheader this Sunday

This Sunday (3/31), we have a doubleheader lined up at Regency Athletic Complex at MSU Denver and we’d like to personally invite you! Come see what the excitement is about. Matches at 4:15pm and 6pm. Entry for both is $6. Check out the event page HERE for full details.

Eric Fulton