PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Our New Home Stadium

Credit: @DavisPartner | Twitter

Credit: @DavisPartner | Twitter

February 7th, 2019


FC Denver has a new home. At the start of the 2019 Spring Colorado Premier League season, our Premier and United teams will be playing every home match at the Metropolitan State University Regency Athletic Complex. FC Denver is ecstatic to start a new positive relationship with another soccer program within the heart of our city. The athletic complex sits off of Colfax Avenue by Interstate 25. Will be selling single match day tickets as well as season tickets for a discounted price. More details on pricing to follow in the coming weeks.

As participants in the 2018 Open Cup and on the road to qualifying for the 2019 Open Cup, if and when we host a match, it will be held at this incredible facility.

Acquiring this stadium to host our home game further drives our mission: “We place a high value on communication and commitment. Our club has been created for players that want to excel within a top club environment.” Hosting matches in the heart of the city, overlooking the Denver skyline, connects us to our community even further.

To learn more about this award winning facility and see more pictures of its beauty, go to the Davis Partnership Architect’s website, click here.

Evan Kiesow