PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Our New Women's Team


January 30, 2019


FC Denver is excited to announce our new Women’s open team. Tryouts for our new Women’s program will be on the same dates as our Men’s open team. Tryouts will be on February 10th and 17th at Lowry Sports Complex. During the Spring season of the Colorado Premier League, our Women’s program will begin to play in late March.

Club founder Eric Fulton states: “We have organized women’s teams (and even our own women’s league) in the past, and are excited to be able to build upon that legacy with a new generation of players. FC Denver is inspired to support female players in their passion and pursuit of the sport. We believe, as a non-profit community purveyor of the sport, that it’s our responsibility to offer competitive women’s soccer.”

Founded in 2006, through hard work and commitment we’ve grown into the championship soccer club we are today. We are unparalleled in terms of accolades, awards, history, and community. Soccer is our passion and organizing top-level soccer teams is our purpose.

We pride ourselves on our skill, organization, community, and character. Our club is for Denver and by Denver. Creating a Women’s team is the best way to give back to the community we deeply cherish.

If you are interested in signing up for our tryouts, click here to submit player information.

Evan Kiesow