What is the level of play?

Semi-pro/Advanced-level adult amateur. Our Men’s Open teams (Premier/United) and Women’s Open team play in the top amateur league in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region (Colorado Premier League and Colorado Super League). It is similar to a collegiate level of play. For these teams, we generally recruit male players that have played at a collegiate or similar level. For our Over-30 team, the skill range is still high but a bit more variable. Our U23 team will play up in elite local adult men’s division to gain experience while also playing in high-level regional, national, and international age-specific tournaments.

What are the costs to play?

For our five adult teams, costs vary depending on the season (indoor or outdoor), but usually is usually around $100/season for Spring/Fall outdoor season. Our players only pay league and tournament registration dues and not any of the other costs associated with operating a team (jerseys, practice fields, practice equipment, etc). Our U23 team will have paid coach and other opportunities and options so their costs will be different.

How many and what age are FC Denver teams?

We currently have five Men’s teams and one Women’s team. Two of those teams are Men’s Open teams that consist of males 18 years of age and older, generally ranging from 20-30 years old. We also have two Men’s Over-30’s teams which have players that are players aged 30 years old or older with a couple of underage players allowed as well. We have recently added a Men’s U23 team that will focus on elite player development and playing opportunities for Males aged 16-23 years of age. With the new addition of our Women’s team, it will have the same structure as our Men’s open teams. Players on our Women’s squad will be 19 and older. The level of play throughout the entire club is highly competitive.

Are there practices?

Yes, all of our teams have weekly practices (in Denver-metro area) during the season. Practices are required for our Men’s Open teams and are held later in on weeknight evenings (usually 8pm or after) to ensure most players can attend. Practices aren’t required of our O30 teams but are highly encouraged.

When are tryouts?

We are willing to give talented players individual tryouts on a year-around basis. We hold traditional tryouts twice a year in late February/early March for the spring league season and in late July / early August for the fall league season. Contacting us prior to these times and attending these tryouts are the best opportunities to get involved.

Is travel required?

No, for our Adult teams, all regular practices and league matches are in the Denver metropolitan area. Players only need transportation to get to these local practices and games. We participate in various regional and national tournaments although those are announced well in advance.

What other expectations does the Club have?

We strive to create an elite level of organization and club community and ask that our players be good teammates, reliable and positive members of the club, and be willing to put in the effort to excel. We place a high value on communication and commitment. Our club has been created for players that want to excel within a top club environment.