We pride ourselves on being a championship level soccer club, so we look to add players that fit into our competitive makeup, including the following experience: collegiate or similar for our Men’s and Women’s Open players, fit and competitive for Over-30 players, and elite youth experience for U23 players.

Are you looking to play soccer in the Denver area at the highest level possible?

Do you want to push your game to the next level and/or to continue your game at the highest level possible after college?

If so, you’ve found your new soccer home. We have a history of players both going on to play at higher levels (PDL, USL/NASL, MLS) and of other players that played at prestigious D1 and D2 collegiate programs that relocate to Denver and continue to enjoy playing top level competitive soccer with FC Denver.

We play on a year-around basis, so it’s always a good time to get involved. There are plenty of teams to play with, but none with our history of success, organization, community and forward-looking passion.

Please provide us with information about you and your soccer background in the fields below. Players that meet our competitive standards will be contacted with information about upcoming opportunities to get involved (sometimes those opportunities will be within a few weeks and other times they will be within a few months). We look forward to hearing from you!

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